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What I do

I provide the best image possible for your career and develop that neck-breaking photography that connects you with your customers. No matter if you are an artisan or a multi-million company.

My vision is to craft unique images to show the world how awesome you or your brand are.

What I am

Rix Mascarenhas, a commercial photographer based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, originally from Brazil, boasts a rich and diverse artistic background. Known for his simplicity, approachability, and responsibility, Rix is dedicated to fostering positive environments and building strong relationships.

Rix has explored various artistic fields throughout his life, including running a lutherie workshop and teaching for over a decade, working as an audio and guitar technician, and pursuing a passion for music. In 2015, he embarked on a journey to share his photography expertise, authoring articles on to guide beginners in the captivating world of photography.

Later in life, Rix embraced photography as his primary art form, with his initial connection stemming from the necessity to capture the musical instruments he crafted as a luthier and musician. Since then, Rix has immersed himself in photography, experimenting with genres such as street, wildlife, and product photography.

His dedication led him to Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC), where he honed his photographic skills and expanded his repertoire.

As a certified drone pilot, proficient writer, video editor, and audio technician, Rix brings a comprehensive skill set to every project.

Rix’s philosophy revolves around continuous growth and self-improvement. He believes in embracing change and learning new skills to enhance his craft. His commitment to meaningful storytelling, creative problem-solving, and proficiency in video editing, video camera operation, and drone operation make him an invaluable asset to the team at JIVE, where he consistently elevates projects with his artistic eye and multi-faceted talents.