My name is Rix Mascarenhas. And I am a commercial photographer. Born and raised in Brazil, I am now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. As an art lover, I’ve been involved with crafts, design, painting and the list goes on.

People tell me I am a simple, easy-going, and responsible guy. I must agree, given that I am all about creating a positive environment and good relationships. I enjoy taking pictures, creating meaningful stories, and helping people to thrive. 

I have worked in many art fields throughout my life. I ran a  lutherie workshop and taught lutherie for more than a decade. I am also an audio and guitar technician and a musician. 

Since 2015 I write photography-related articles on Fotographiko.com, helping people to get started in the magical world of photography. 

Later in life, I embraced photography as my art. 

“I think life is about good and bad experiences, but living is how we spend our time and how we make the most of it.”

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